Abuse in the Church DVDs Available

Abuse in the Church DVDs Available

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Sadly, abuse happens in the church too. In an effort to strengthen prevention measures and to ensure a Christ honoring response when it does happen, GTRI helped develop a new church training DVD course. It covers topics such as

  • Understand the theological and legal reasons to be proactive to abuse allegations
  • Identify common offender strategies
  • Learn counseling and ministry responses to child and adult abuse victims and offenders
  • Develop strategies for abuse prevention and response policies for your organization to minimize risk

The course is taught by GTRI director, Dr. Phil Monroe, and Attorney Dr. Boz Tchividjian, director of G.R.A.C.E. Over five hours in length, it is designed for lay and ordained church leaders as well as counselors.

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    I attended the Trauma Healing
    workshop at Anglican Church of Uganda, Conference and Training Centre, Lweza-Kampala.This gave me a burden of adding knowledge on Counseling.

    I have become touched and need more knowledge on Trauma Healing, that is why I haved picked interest to put forward my application.


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    Project Coordinator
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