Spiritual Impact of Child Sexual Abuse – Video

Check out this video clip of Dr. Diane Langberg teaching about the spiritual impact of chid sexual abuse

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  1. Dorothy says:

    Thank you for sharing this part of the video. I thought it very thought provoking and emotionally touching. I cried a little once and then more later. That was during the reading of the book about Mister Daddy. I’m thinking to myself I don’t have a problem separating the fact that abuse happens and that God is not like the abuser. Then, Mister Daddy, Abba, hugs the child closely, I think to express His safety to her, and I cry, “How could He do that?” It did not feel safe to me, not that-He- is not safe, but that maybe-he-is not safe.
    I was dreading it coming to a close. I had my eye on the dot at the bottom coming to the end fearing I would be left hanging. I wanted desperately to hear what you had to say to the counselor, care giver about how to talk- be to the person. I was getting worried I wouldn’t hear it. Thankfully you had a teeny bit of time twice to convey that we are to BE as Jesus to them in our listening, body language …….. …etc…..
    I think I got that right.
    Thanks again, Dorothy

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