Student reflection on first GTRI immersion trip to Rwanda

GTRI student Heather Drew reflects on her recent trip to Rwanda.

Land of a Thousand Hills and A Million Secrets

In America, when you see someone with a very large scar visible on his/her body, you might wonder how it got there but you don’t ask. Many Rwandans bare visible scars; here, you also never ask how the scars got there, but you don’t really need to wonder. These scars are the visual images that have a unique story.

Everyone in this country carries a genocide story. Everyone. Many Rwandans carry stories on their bodies, and all carry stories in their hearts. Many people I have met here tell me that this is a very “closed up” culture. “We don’t share our stories even with those in our communities. We have always lived in a social society, living with one another in many ways, yet we must still wear a strong facade. If we appear strong, we are accepted. If we tell our stories we appear weak and we are not accepted,” one pastor told me. “This is very hard because some of have worked to heal and know that sharing our story is the medicine.”

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