Understanding and Responding to Dissociation: Part II

In this second video, Dr. Diane Langberg discusses the features of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and other forms of dissociation found in some severely traumatized adults who have multiple experiences of childhood trauma. While talking about DID, she also explores the common characteristics of complex trauma. The second half of the video provides counselors with 10 principles and cautions for working with clients exhibiting symptoms of DID. Some of these cautions include how not to make dissociative symptoms worse or to engage in foolish interest in the unusual presentation of multiple personalities. Far too often the trainings I have observed re: DID speak only of the unusual symptom presentation in an over-curious manner or in dismiss all DID as conscious play acting.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I really appreciate these mini seminars online, Diane. You are so responsible in your expertise,care of others, and reverence to God. We are blessed by your example.

    With our clientele, survivors of domestic sex trafficking, we have women who come in with a wide range of (often hasty) diagnoses. it’s so helpful to be able to check in with you and fuel our discernment.

    The Samaritan Women

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