Considering Systemic Abuse: Impact and Response

At the 2015 Community of Practice put on by the American Bible Society’s Trauma Healing Institute, Dr. Diane Langberg spoke about systemic abuse and the need for dissidents within the Christian community to stand apart for victims of abuse.


  1. Thank you, I want to be close to GOD and for 18 years I wondered if this counseling was what I was really suppose to do. The reason I stayed was GOD was healing not only me but those I was helping. Yes I needed to be healed and in the process of studying and being with broken people like me, I slowly, very slowly, found my voice. It is not me doing this work, that is why I love it, because I sense the power of GOD when i enter the dark places with the people GOD sends me. I need all the training you can give me and anyone else GOD wants to be trained by you . I received a call from your office today. I will call tomorrow , there are questions I need to answer, I think it was Beth who called. Maureen Henderson 609 654 2984

  2. thank you for this is where GOD makes me feel alive.

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