Narcissism and the System it Breeds, Part 2:5

Continuing the lecture (part 1) by Dr. Diane Langberg about narcissistic leaders and the systems that they inhabit, this part reviews the common features of both narcissistic individuals and narcissistic systems/organization (run time: 22:55)

Link to Part 3:5 here


  1. […] In the third of five parts, Dr. Langberg explores some of our personal and system vulnerabilities that support and/or attract narcissistic leaders (time: 9:29). If you missed previous portions of this lecture, click for Part 1 and Part 2. […]

  2. drsamlopez says:

    Excellent information and great advice on this dangerous relational disease. As a former pastor/church planter, I have come across many of these kinds. Ministry attracts many grandiose narcissists. In fact, the system encourages it with making Christian leader stardom the ultimate goal in becoming a “superstar.” With your permission I would like to leave a link to some of my videos on narcissism that I’ve put together to help folks to maneuver through these treacherous waters. Thank you, kindly for your effort and letting me share this.

    Dr. Samuel Lopez De Victoria


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